ADKINS Beta Cap/Pocket COMBO

Product Code: Cap/Pocket COMBO
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Designed for the application of transfers to all types of headwear and small garments, the Beta Cap Pocket Combo Press features our renowned Digital Controller for the accurate pre-selection of both time and temperature. 

The Beta Cap Pocket Combo Press combines 2 heads that can be interchanged in a matter of seconds via a simple locating knob, with electrical connections on a plug-in lead. This design innovation greatly simplifies all aspects of head replacement.

The work area of the Beta Cap Pocket Combo Press is :
CAP PAD : 15cm X 9cm / 6” X 3.6”     POCKET PAD : 13cm X 10cm ( 5.12” X 4” ) and 8cm X 6cm ( 3” X 2.3” )


  • Wide opening area for ease of placement of caps
  • Fingertip pressure control
  • Adjustable base table
  • Locking mechanism to hold cap in position during transfer
  • Cast aluminium construction for strength and durability
  • Self adhesive silicone base pad
  • Manufactured and tested to comply with EC safety regulations. CE labelled
  • 12 month warranty on machine
  • Manual supplied illustrates electrical wiring diagrams, exploded diagram and parts list. Full safety instructions
  • Thermal cut out on the heating element shuts off power to the elements if the temperature exceeds 235ºC +/- 15ºC (455ºF +/- 27ºF) 

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