Temporary Tattoo

Brand: TheMagicTouch
Product Code: Tattoo ( A4 Size )
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New temporary tattoo media combines elements of fun and excitement for all age groups. The water release Temporary Tattoo are fully compatible with all available Color Laser Devices and Toner Systems.

Simply print the Design on the Tattoo Paper, apply to glue sheet, trim it. Place the transfer in position and cover with wet cloth for approximately 10 seconds and press firmly. Remove cloth and slide away the transfer. The Tattoo will hold up for about 3 days depending on the skin type.

  • Sizes Available : A4 only
  • Quantity : 25 sheets per box



Easy Nail Art using TheMagicTouch® Temporary Tattoos

How to create Temporary Tattoo with TheMagicTouch®
Tattoo 2.1 Transfer Paper using Colour Laser Printer

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