DCT 4.5 waterslide decal

Brand: TheMagicTouch
Product Code: DCT 4.5 ( A4 Size )
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We are pleased to introduce new versions of the DCT 4.5 water release decal transfer paper compatible with the new generation of "oil less" toner laser printers. DCT 4.5 continues to be the easiest and most effective method of decorating Candles, Soap and Model Cars, but also products made from Glass, Ceramic and Metal.- which would not hold up to heat or odd-shaped so they would not fit into a Heat Press.

The new DCT 4.5 multilayer film with improved heat resistant resins maintains good stretch properties and is available in both clear and opaque. The transfers when cured at 180C become very durable and dishwasher safe at low temperature settings. Both versions can also be cut in the plotter, ensuring consistent and accurate decal production.

  • Sizes Available : A4 & A3
  • Quantity : 50 sheets per box
  • Option : DCT 4.5C ( Clear Base ) & DCT4.5W ( White Base )



How to print & apply Water Decal with TheMagicTouch®
DCT 4.5 Transfer Paper using Colour Laser Printer

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