TTC 3.1+ transfer onto light coloured fabrics

Brand: TheMagicTouch
Product Code: TTC 3.1+ ( A4 Size )
Availability: In Stock

Special coated Transfer Paper for white or light coloured fabrics or fabric coated products such as T-Shirts, Mousepads, Jigsaw Puzzles etc. The coating formula provides the ultimate softness at an unexpected solid washing durability.

TTC transfer media comes in 3 different base paper to suit the various kinds of laser printers/copiers in the market today. With slightly heavier coating TTC 3.1+, it alllow to transfer onto coarse weave fabrics like honeycomb fabric, canvas, denim etc. 

  • Sizes Available : A4 and A3
  • Quantity : 100 sheets per box



How to decorate a white T-Shirt with TheMagicTouch®
TTC Transfer Paper

How to decorate a white Linen Jigsaw Puzzle with
TheMagicTouch® TTC Transfer Paper

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