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Brand: Roland
Product Code: BN-20
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With the VersaStudio, we've taken everything that makes a Roland printer great and packed it into one powerful, profit-producing package. Award-winning mild solvent inks. Your choice of media. Metallic and white ink options. One device that can be used as a t-shirt printing press, a sign making machine, or both. All from your desktop.

Making profit on custom short run apparel is all about versatile and easy-to-use t-shirt equipment. And that’s where the VersaStudio BN-20 stands out, delivering vibrant printing, contour cutting and metallic ink all from one affordable device. Choose our specialized MC2Print® Printable PU Transfer Material and Application/Transfer Tape (TT), specifically designed to work with Eco-Sol MAX ink for print/cut inkjet transfers to cotton or cotton blend garments.


  • Printable / Cutting Width : up to 480mm
  • Maximum Media Thickness : 1.0mm
  • Printing Resolution : Up to 1,440dpi
  • Cutting Force : 30 - 300g
  • Ink Cartridges : Roland Eco-Sol Max ink / FPG Aqueous ink
  • Capacity : 5 cartridges: 220 ml ± 5 ml
  • Dimensions : 995mm(W) x 585mm(D) x 291mm(H)
  • Weight : 77 lbs (35 kg)
  • Power supply : AC 100 to 240±10 %, 7.2 A, 50/60 Hz

Small Roland, Extra Large Profits in Apparel Decoration

VersaStudio BN 20 Desktop Printer Cutter.

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