Welcome to SanTAC Sdn Bhd ... we add value, not cost. we sell value, not PRICE

SanTAC Sdn.Bhd ( formerly known as SanTAC Enterprise, founded in year 2000 ) is the Malaysia & Brunei distributor for TheMagicTouch transfer paper and Poli-Tape products. TheMagicTouch is world's leading transfer printing system for colour laser copiers and printers. Poli-Tape is comprised of a vast array of thermal transfer films for the lettering and design of the most diverse textiles, fabrics and other carrier materials. 

SanTAC Sdn.Bhd. not only provides transfer printing media, which meet all the required safety standards, but also all the applications with training, marketing and a commitment to research and development for the future to run a successful business built on personalised or short run full colour printing onto virtually any substrate imaginable.

SanTAC Sdn Bhd - Transfer Paper, Heat Transfer Vinyl, Heat Transfer Printable PU Vinyl, Heat Press Machine, Cutting Plotter, Printer Distributor